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Jehovah Rapha

Jehovah Rapha – the Lord is my Healer.  Have you accepted Christ as your healer?  The healer of your sicknesses, the healer of your heart, or the healer of your soul?

Join me as we discover this TRUTH of our Father as OUR HEALER.  And, Accept Him as the one who heals you from ALL aches, pains, and hurts!

Bread of Life…

John 6:35

35 Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.

It is NO coincidence that bread is considered a 'comfort food'...  
we are drawn to bread because of the way it looks, it's smell, and it's 
flavor.  The Lord knows what gets our attention and captivates us. 

Let Him captivate you today, and draw you into Him.
Changing our minds about WHO He is... changes our behavior.
He is the Bread of Life....


Jehovah Tsidkenu

Righteousness:  acting in accord with divine or moral law :  free from guilt or sin.

Jehovah Tsidkenu – the Lord is my Righteousness.   I think this in one of the HARDEST characteristics to understand when accepting Christ for who He REALLY is.  Do you agree?  Can we even grasp what it means to be ‘FREE FROM GUILT OR SIN’?  Join me on the journey of Accepting Christ for ALL He is…



Have you TRULY accepted Christ for who He REALLY is… Your Provider… Your Joy… Your Healer?
Do you want to KNOW Christ and ALL He is? Join me on this journey to truly KNOW and ACCEPT who He is, and all He has to offer.

Check out this Video Blog (Vlog), and join the conversation! Accepting Christ for who He truly is…

I am excited to walk thru this study with you, and look forward to you joining the conversation.bgm logo copy copy

Legacy and Urgency

Over the Christmas holiday, I had the distinct privilege of speaking at the funeral service of a dear friend, Tyler Burkett. He was an amazing minister, missionary, husband, father and friend. Though I have spoken at many celebrations of life services before, I was struck by the number of people, both at the service and on social media, who expressed their love for this man. 

  There are two words that encapsulate my thoughts about Tyler: Legacy and Urgency.

 Tyler’s legacy is one that will be felt around the world for many years to come because he was a man of action. He was not someone who simply talked about the need for Christian missions, evangelism, influence or aid throughout the world. He saw needs and made plans then he gathered people around those plans and made things happen. So many people talk about the need for Christians to be more active in the world, to help the poor and to have a presence of love and Christ’s mercy; but they never do anything BUT talk. We need to learn from Tyler’s example. He may have even made mistakes along the way, but, if so, he made those mistakes because he was doing something on the planet. People of action will stumble at times because they are moving forward. So many people get stuck in “analysis paralysis.” We study and analyze and dissect what should be done, but no one actually takes the risk of getting out there and doing it.

 Tyler’s sense of urgency is the other thing I will most remember about him. When you talked to him, he looked you in the eyes and made you feel like the most important person in the world. But, you also knew that his brain was working overtime in the background seemingly planning something else, because he had an intense desire for the world to know Jesus. If we are to follow Tyler’s example, there should be a constant tension in our lives to complete the great commission. I know when I’m walking close to Jesus when my heart’s desire for the lost becomes such a heavy burden it brings me to tears. When was the last time that happened in your life? I know, for me, it’s far less often than I would wish.  

 My hope and prayer is that my life would also leave a legacy, an impact on this world for Christ. I pray that this is a year of legacy and urgency for you as well. Happy New Year!

September ADTH Newsletter

30fab851-d4da-4309-b072-4840d1454d73A Summer of God’s Provision
Being HOPE summer 2015

Often times, after our teams return we at ADTH are asked, “How was Haiti?” And though the intent of the question is genuine, the answer is always so hard to articulate.This summer was filled with joy; seeing God work, But also filled with challenges, as we try to fulfill our purpose in this country we love.

As always, God has been incredibly good to us and provided all that we needed in His perfect timing as we help to bring the love of God to the people of Haiti. And once again, after over a decade of work in this country, we find ourselves amazed at what we’ve seen Him do in such a short time.

Here is a synopsis of the 2015 summer work of ADTH and our many team members and church partners.

Our 8 summer teams:

working alongside our Haitian construction crews, provided 8 beautiful new homes, 8 sets of bunk beds, and, of course, 8 “ADTH Front Porch Rockers” for 8 families whose lives will be changed forever.
painted, repaired and built desks for, three schools in preparation for 700+ students to return this year.
worked with amazing diligence to scrub, sanitize, paint and repair the four orphanages with which we assist. (The importance of sanitizing these facilities cannot be understated. This serves to quell many of the viruses and diseases that plague orphanages in this country.)
Of course, after work, there was always time to “love on” the babies!
experienced God at work in the lives of many families as we “prayer walked”, fellowship with, washed clothes with, cooked with, witness to, and performed evangelical programs for the people of many villages.
One of the joys of summer for us at ADTH is to bring hundreds of children through “VBS Haiti style”. These special events at all of our churches provide a day of fun and biblical teaching for the children of the village. The result this year, as in every summer, was to see many children receive Christ as their Savior.

Two very highly anticipated events were also produced this summer in cooperation with some amazing church partners.

First, several wonderful teachers from West Cabarrus Baptist Church NC facilitated a new personal evangelism course for students called, “Dare to be a Daniel”.
This material, written in Haitian Kreyol, has been licensed exclusively to ADTH by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Pastor Charlie Cole and his team trained students to share their faith with boldness and to surrender their whole lives to the purpose of seeing others come to know Jesus as Savior. We watched as Haitian young people spent afternoons out in their own villages witnessing to their neighbors…and God moved! We believe this is the future of the evangelistic effort in this needy country.

We also partnered with Friendswood Church TX to provide an incredible church leadership seminar for several churches and we are still hearing results from this much-needed event facilitated by Pastor Kevin Pate and his team.

And last, but not least, several medical professionals came together from Rain City Church and provided a medical screening\Clinic for the village of Calabasse. They provided diagnoses and medicines for many families during this week. This invaluable service has been requested by all of our pastors for the future.

Whew! Looking back on such a busy summer creates an us an amazing feeling of gratitude to see what God can do through servants that are ready to do His will. But it also spurs, in us, a desire to do even more. All of us at ADTH are committed to continuing and expanding our work in this amazing country. Please come and join us on a team in 2016 as we see God at work through us!

IMG_0606One evening as I was studying in my office, the phone rang. I spoke with a young woman I had taught during a Bible study some years before. I had counseled and guided her during her college years as she dealt with self-esteem issues and other normal issues of college life. She was calling because she had hit a rough patch and thought she needed to go deeper into the issues of her past. She thought she and I could dig up all the suppressed dysfunctions that she just knew must still be hidden in her psyche. These were, in her words, “obviously causing all my present-day social anxieties and problems.”
This discussion led me to employ a quirky, unorthodox response inspired by Michael Wells. I explained that I too believed her counseling needs were much bigger than we first imagined. In fact, I expressed to her that she probably needed dozens of hours of counseling. Unfortunately, that would be very expensive. I would have to charge her at least $70 an hour (which was not true in the least).
But I said I had a deal for her. I would reduce her rate if she would drive north of Nashville and find a beautiful, sprawling farm. Then I wanted her to go to a lovely pasture and locate a nice cow patty. Once she found it, she was to sit with it for several hours a day, and she was to study, dissect, and explore this cow patty. I explained that she should really “get in there” and feel it, smell it, squish it between her fingers . . . anything she could do to really explore the “complexity” of that cow poo!
After her initial reaction of shock, I asked her, “At the end of dozens of hours of studying this cow patty, what will you know?”
“Nothing!” she said.. “It’s just a cow patty!”
“Good answer!” I responded. “You will know nothing more about the cow patty than when you first sat down except that you will now smell like it!”
I shared with her that when I was growing up, my grandfather had a farm and I often played in the fields. It only took one experience of running barefoot in the pasture to understand, with complete clarity, the essence of a patty. I learned that first day what to do with a cow patty: step around it or let it dry up and kick it out of the way.
Yes, we could dig further into her past . . . again, but after years of digging and uncovering all the dirt she would find, it would still be just dirt! Then I explained a life-altering truth I’ve learned that guides me to this day: what gets your attention gets you! If she just focused on the “dirt” in her past, she could relive it, mourn it, and dissect it, but it might not accomplish much except to make her wallow in it until she smelled like it. Yes, it was good to embrace her wounded past and examine her life, but sooner than later, she must strive to move past it and focus on Christ and His life. Then true healing begins.

Haiti…God Knows

On this fifth anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti I believe God is giving me a new perspective.
Every year on this day since the earthquake I have looked back at the pictures of the devastation and, in my heart, focused on all that was lost and all that fell on that day. This morning I believe God is changing my attitude. I will no longer focus on all that fell but I intend to focus my attention and resources on the things that stayed standing.
Never before in my life have I been so encouraged and challenged than by my Haitian friends whose faith never faltered during this tragedy. We have a saying in Haiti: “Bondye konnen”… God knows. Countless times my Haitian brothers and sisters have said that to me on the days when I become overwhelmed with the needs of Haiti. THEY have always pointed ME back to God when they see me begin to fall into doubt and fear. I have watched with a “holy envy” the steadfast faith of these remarkable people to whom “give us this day our daily bread” is a reality for many. And it is on that faith that we will build now. Not the tragedy, but the truth that what we are building is the kingdom that will endure forever.
I don’t know about you, but “Bondye konnen” I needed that today!

New Years Resolutions?

res·o·lu·tion noun \ˌre-zə-ˈlü-shən\
1. the act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict, problem, etc. : the act of resolving

2.the ability of a device to show an image clearly and with a lot of detail

As a wordsmith, as I often call myself, I love to pick words and phrases apart. I was asked Christmas Day if I had any New Year’s resolutions. It’s widely known that I am a firm believer in the tradition of making New Year’s resolutions. I have always shied away from making wild and unattainable goals for myself. I consider myself a realist. Because of this, I believe many times I have underestimated what God can really do in my life if my will and His will for me are one. Working beside him as a young child my father taught me about the building process. As we were laying the foundation for a home I ask him why we laid so much rebar and steel mesh on the floor and in the walls. My father said, “Son, concrete is a strong and sturdy element of any foundation for a home. But it’s easily broken by itself. The steel that we place in the form of bars within the concrete is very flexible and will bend into many shapes but will never break. But when you wrap the strength of the concrete around the flexibility of the steel you create a structure that can withstand a lot of pressure.” In the same way, when I wrap my will around God’s will, it forms a structure that can withstand much more of the pressures of this life. So what am I saying?
Year after year many of us make New Year’s resolutions that involve trying harder, buckling down and finally doing the things that we think will fix the problems in our lives. And year after year we fail. Why?
I think the answer lies in the correct definition of the word “resolution”.
We try re-solution. We retry the same solution over and over and are somehow surprised when we don’t see success. The same solution tried again and again will always reap the same failure. Maybe we should rethink our definition of resolution this year. Maybe we should try something new; look at it a different way. Which brings me to the second definition of resolution.

2. : the ability to show an image clearly and with a lot of detail

This year, why not ask God to give you a clearer image of where you stand on the issues of your life. Ask him to refine and renew our minds and give us more detail to our problems.

As a man thinks, so he is.

We will never change our behavior until we change our minds. So this year I’m asking God to refine my mind’s resolutions. To give me His perspective; His detailed answers to the complex problems I face. And this year I’m asking that my Savior, not merely resolve something I thought I solved last year, but to make all things new. He’s kind of in that business.
Happy New Year!


#Hate Trending

I rarely comment on national controversies, but the recent volume of hatred that I see on the web and media seems to be growing exponentially and there is just one perspective that I have not seen articulated.

Ephesians 6:12
For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

Paul is clearly telling us that we have an enemy, but this enemy is not made of flesh and blood so it so it stands to reason he cannot be one of our neighbors. He has no race, color, or nationality. Yes, I am a conspiracy theorist. Evil forces are manipulating what they can and it is being orchestrated and he is doing a great job stirring up dissent and hatred.

Yes’ the media perpetuates this anger by advertising for and putting a spotlight on only those who create these problems.
It’s also true that many so-called activists profit off of tragedies like those that have occurred recently and many of us are all too willing to join in with the “dividers” and their inflammatory rhetoric. For many Christians, it would be very tempting to “pick a side” in these battles but maybe there’s another way.

Maybe we, as ambassadors of God’s kingdom, should simply speak words of encouragement, reconciliation and forgiveness in the midst of all of this turmoil. We should turn our backs on all hate and not give it a voice. We should only “retweet” or “share” voices for positive change and simply shout these messages louder than the haters.
“Bless those who curse you…”
“All who take up the sword will perish by the sword” even if the sword is a pen or a keyboard.
I, for one intend to go and love people in the next few weeks like never before; to make the effort to show a greater respect to all those around me and try to be a light in a dark world. I don’t always remember to act this way, but God has brought this conviction in my life at this time. I just felt I needed to pay it forward.
Maybe we can start a new trend.


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